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Bangalore to Tirupati Car Rental Service

The first thing that pops up in our minds when we hear of Tirupati is the famous temple of Lord Venkateswara. But, there are other attractions associated with this place. The temple also owns a garden that is spread in 460 acres of land adjacent to the temple. Bangalore to Tirupati Tour Package The area has a wide variety of flowers planted and there are roughly 260 varieties of flowers of different colors and shapes blooming in the garden. It is an impeccable site for Horticulture enthusiasts. Apart from flowers, the garden also has ponds and tanks. There is another site namely Deer Park. This is a natural park again owned by TTD(Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam). Apart from Deers, there is a richness of flora and fauna in this area. There are a large number and varieties of deers in this park. To protect the deers, the entrance is prohibited for tourists. However, visitors can relish the view from a distance. There is also the Sri Vari Museum which gives a glimpse of Vaishnava traditions from history. The Museum is spread over 1.25 lakhs square feet surrounded by Tirupati Balaji temple. About 15km from Tirupati, there is an ancient town called Chandragiri. It was the fourth capital of the Vijayanagara kingdom. The place also has a fort and two marvelous palaces built by Vijayanagara rulers. The fort is robust in architecture. So, we can conclude that Tirupati would be a blast for people who are looking for a mix of a pilgrimage visit, historic, nature visits. Hence, we offer rides from Bangalore to Tirupati Cab Service. While there are several Cab services available in the market, we stand unique from our competitors in numerous ways. A few of the reasons would be:

  1. Affordable rides: Our rides are affordable for our customers. Our vision is to serve as many customers as possible so that they enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Thus, we ensure we offer the best quotes for our customers.
  2. Transparency: We want to build a strong base with our customers. Hence, we make sure that we provide absolute transparency in our policies and pricing.
  3. Safety: We know that you hire us because you trust us. We take ownership of your safety. Thus, we assign you experienced drivers for driving you safely.
  4. Scheduling trips at your convenience: We provide an option to choose to pick up and drop off for your trips so that you don’t have to plan according to our convenience.
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