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Kukke Subramanya is a temple located in the Village Subramanya, Kadaba Taluk, Dakshina Karnataka district of Karnataka. Karthikeya is the deity of this temple. Kukke Subramanya temple is in Western Ghats range of Karantaka. The temple is close to the mountain of Kumara Parvatha. The mountain is popular for hiking. If you are a trekker and a religious person, this place will be a double treat for you. Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya Cabs Online Kumara Parvatha offers a view of the temple that makes it look like a serpent. The temple is on the western slopes of ghats and covered with heavy dense vegetation. Temple is surrounded by beautiful rivers, forests, and mountains. The temple is 288 km away from Bangalore making it one closest tourist spot for Bangaloreans. We offer services at this place. We take pride in the way we treat customers. While you consider our services, we can assure you the following things

  1. Offers: We offer the best quotes for our customers for both long and short trips. Thus, making your trips more affordable.
  2. Transparency:  We don’t want to surprise you with unexpected expenses. We believe that it is not pleasing. Hence, we ensure transparency in our billing and policies.
  3. Safety:  While you consider our services, it is our responsibility to take care of your safety. Hence, we provide you professional drivers who can drive safely in Bangalore and out of Bangalore.
  4. Convenience:  We don’t want our customers to feel restricted on the schedules of Pick up and drop. Hence, we offer flexibility by letting you choose your timings for pick up and drop off. 
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